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Subject to your compliance with these Terms of Service, any applicable license agreement with Allpngimages, and the law, you may access and use the Site. Allpngimages remains the sole owner of all right, title, and interest in the Site and reserves all rights not expressly granted under these Terms of Service. Allpngimages may modify, replace, or discontinue the Site or any part thereof at any time, for any reason, with or without notice, in Allpngimages’s sole discretion. Allpngimages provides the Site on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

All content on this Site, including but not limited to Images, and related metadata (collectively the “Allpngimages Content”), as well as the selection and arrangement of the Allpngimages Content, are protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property laws and treaties. Any unauthorized use of any Allpngimages Content violates such laws and this Terms of Use. Except as expressly provided here in or in a separate license agreement between you and Allpngimages, Allpngimages does not grant any express or implied permission to use the Site or any Allpngimages Content. You agree not to copy, republish, frame, transmit, rent, lease, loan, sell, assign, distribute, display, perform, license, sublicense or reverse engineer the Site or any Allpngimages Content. In addition, you agree not to use any data mining, robots, or similar data and/or image gathering and extraction methods in connection with the Site or Allpngimages Content.

Unless you enter into a license agreement with Allpngimages you may not download, distribute, display and/or copy any Allpngimages Content.

You need to mark the website link and creator attribution as required for its storage, publication, and provision on other social media or other services.

You may not remove any copyright notices contained in the Allpngimages Content.

If you have any questions about any content or think it violates any rights, does not comply with these terms, or is inappropriate, you can follow the instructions in these terms to contact allpngimages, or follow the instructions provided.

About trademark logo License

The content submitted by contributors may contain trademarks and product appearances. Due to the regional nature of intellectual property rights and the massive amount of website content, ALLPNGIMAGES cannot determine whether the above trademarks and product appearances are protected by a monopoly in the country where you use them. They are only displayed as effects. Obtain the commercial authorization of the above-mentioned trademarks and product appearance through the license. The following are detailed information about the use of trademarks and product appearance:

  • For personal learning use only. The legal rights and interests of the trademarks and product appearances contained in the content of our website are protected by the laws of different regions. Unless otherwise specified, you can only use it for personal study, research, or appreciation. The content cannot be modified, executed, published, or produced. , Transfer to any other person for any commercial purpose or external use, otherwise, you should replace the above trademark or product design (for example Facebook trademark, held by Facebook Technologies, Inc.).
  • Follow the brand guidelines of respected organizations. Any use of yours shall not be carried out in the form of unfair competition, nor shall it detract from the brand value of others or damage the legitimate rights and interests of the right holder.
  • Free users can use images in the following situations:

The image content downloaded by free users is only for personal and private use, such as mobile phone computer wallpapers, personal social media, personal greeting cards/invitation letters, etc.

The source or attribution of the picture must be indicated when using it, and the sale in any form is prohibited.

Charitable non-profit organizations can use it without requiring any license authorization in a non-commercial situation, and the source must be indicated when using it.

  • Personal Premium Plan authorizes you to use images in the following situations:

Purchasing any allpngimages or any premium plan can obtain the following authorization.

Allpngimages hereby grants you the exclusive and non-transferable permanent right to use (download image license agreement is required), modify (except for those expressly prohibited below), or copy the content expressly permitted by the applicable license and Global image literature subject to this agreement.

The scope of application is as follows:

  1. Use of digital copies of the Internet, including websites, online advertisements, social networks, electronic forms of mobile device advertisements, mobile applications, software, e-card publications (e-books, e-magazines, blogs, etc.), e-mail marketing and online media (Including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other video sharing services)
    (Note: The content cannot be resold as online, and products are made for online sales)
  2. Printed in the form of physical promotional materials, like posters, flyers, foldouts, letterhead paper and business cards; used for artwork packaging and labels, physical product packaging design, textile design and other packaging design; used for physical media, including magazines, newspapers and books, CD and DVD covers
    (Note:the quantity for non-sale items such as promotional materials is limited to 300 copies)
  • Enterprise Premium Plan authorizes you and your enterprise/company to use images in the following situations:

Purchase any version of the enterprise premium plan of allpngimages to obtain the following authorizations.

Allpngimages hereby grants your enterprise/company exclusive, non-transferable permanent use rights (download image license agreement required), modification (except for the following expressly prohibited) and copy the content as applicable The license expressly permits and is subject to the global image literature of this agreement.

The Enterprise Premium plan grants you and your employees the right to use images:

  1. Use content for online digital purposes, including but not limited to website production/blog/social media layout/video production/emoji package production for commercial purposes;
  2. Use content for offline promotional materials printing purposes, including but not limited to posters/flyers/brand names/brochures/business plans for commercial purposes; and for physical printed materials (collectively referred to as “commodities”) including but not limited to Item packaging design/book cover design/textiles/artwork/models/toys/stationery, etc. Any other physical objects used for sales or distribution purposes
  3. Use as mural decoration/decoration design.
  4. Used for the printing of offline resale products (pictures are the main products), including but not limited to T-shirt patterns/mugs/greeting cards/postcards, etc.
  5. Allow the content to be used for outdoor/building/body/lightbox advertising design and production of film and television media (except the basic version).

Note:The scope of these authorization rights and the printing and distribution restrictions allowed are differentiated according to the type of corporate membership. For details, please refer to the display on this website.

Please match your corporate membership type to view the specific applicable image license authorization range.

If you still have doubts about the license of Enterprise Premium, or the scope of the license does not match the rights you need, please contact customer service. (Email: [email protected])

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